Sunday, October 09, 2011

Summers End

I FINALLY got my laptop back from my familiar friends at the Geek Squad! I thought it’d be a good time to document some of favorite memories from the summer …

I can share with you what I learned about our summer bucket list … make it smaller! We missed several items, and while I could have pushed for them, I didn’t. I am happy with what we did, and just know that next year we’ll make it smaller.


School for Josiah has been wonderful! I big happy heart love his teacher thus far – she is perfect for Josiah. Jason and I jumped in to the new school community {this is a new school for us}, and although I was hesitant, we really enjoy it. The PTA crew is great and Jason somehow ended up chair of the Fall Festival {ha!}. I am doing my own things, but the word “chair” is not involved in any of it!! ;) The class is going on their first field trip this week to a farm. I think last year of supplemental kinder was perfect for Jay, and gave him the time he needed to mature, progress.

The weekend prior to school we decided to have a backyard campout. It went all wrong, but I swear it was the most memorable thing we did all summer. The kids were in heaven. We talked and sang and did a billon tent things before they fell asleep, and then … it started raining. Crazy rain! And Jason and I could NOT sleep. I was in and out all night. Around 5am I heard thunder and lightening that sounded as if it were right on top of us so I asked Jason if he thought it was safe out there. We decided to carry the kids {and dog} inside for a little more sleep. We’re pretty certain it is something we want to do every Labor day weekend. Minus the rain. And crazy thunder and all.

The day prior to school Josiah and I went on a date and we headed to a miniature golf course. Fun!

I told you before that Ella loves handing me the camera so she can get her photo taken …

We welcomed fall with pumpkin spice bars for our neighbors. I am love with this time of year. Have ya’ll become addicted to pinterest? It’s like all of the best ideas in ONE spot, and I have been crafting and baking and making like crazy – thanks to all of the amazing creativity found on Pinterest.

Our schedule has being running smoothly … gymnastics, MOMS group, soccer. Soccer season started with so much excitement from Josiah. Karate is on a hiatus {we told him he couldn’t do both and he choose soccer}.

Several weeks ago we took Ella to get her ears pierced. She did soooo well! HOWEVER, one earring fell out and I couldn’t get it back in. SO, I had to take her back to get it re-pierced, and that time around she knew *exactly* what she was headed into, and we had to hold her down. Poor girl! Andrew had gotten his ears pierced the same weekend. :)

The bear Ella is holding here was given to me by my great grandma when I was a little girl. So glad ONE of my children still loves her photo being taken. 

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