Saturday, November 05, 2011

Ella, you are 2 years old!

Ella, you are 2 years old!
And just typing that makes me want to cry!

You wear 24 months/ 2T. You are about 34 inches tall, and I am actually not sure of your weight right now.

You say MANY things, some of which is not understandable. The cutest things you say right now are: “Uh Oh, Spaghetti-o’s” and a big “HEY!!!!!” when someone does something you don’t like.  You say your name as “EL-WA”. You can count to ten with help.  You say “thank you” over and over until someone responds with a you’re welcome.

You’re a girl of many faces. And moods. Drama Queen!
But most of all, you are just fun and goofy.

You love to dance, and you love gymnastics and you love getting stamps on your hands. You love to color and play with bubbles and take your baby doll in the bath with you. You love make-up and dresses and shoes. OH MY WORD … I never imagined how trying it would be to argue over shoes with a toddler! You LOVE nail polish and will literally bring it to me and say “nails”.  You also love puzzles and playing with your brothers cars. You like being with older kids, but have found a sweet friend just a few months older than her and you two are adorable together! You are a climber … on and over everything.

You love books, your favorites being Goodnight Moon, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, and Daddy Loves Me.

You sing along with songs … Twinkle Twinkle and others. You like arts and crafts and Minnie, and Baby Bop and Bob the Tomato and, most recently “PRINCESSES!!!!!” and “Dee-A” {aka: Dora}, which is funny b/c she has never seen Dora until very recently.

As for today, you will not take your “princess dress” off or let go of your dolly. J


  1. Great photos Traci!! I'm with you, can't believe she is 2!! She is precious!