Thursday, November 10, 2011

The foil lining.

One of the things I love about Josiah’s new school is that we walk there. In other words, I am forced to talk that daily walk. Ella rides along, I eat my apple, and sometimes Daddy even joins us. We stop and talk about the trees changing colors and every day see “new red”. We find funny things on the sidewalk {poke-y type balls from trees}, we linger to watch the construction crew fix a sidewalk.  It takes 8 minutes to get him to school. We give kisses, and then we continue on, a long route home – I try to make it a minimum of a ½ hour a day, sometimes more.  

Sometimes we even pull over to sit in the leaves, because that’s just fun! I am glad God saw it best to send Josiah to this school & to his particular teacher, rather than the school I was pulling for – good thing I am not the one in charge! 

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