Sunday, November 06, 2011


Apparently, Ella got over her Halloween fear, because by the 4th house we were at she was running to the door with her brother and a big “Trick or Treat!”.  I was amazed at how much she enjoyed it. I have been sick, so her joy brought me joy! And Josiah says it was super fun, so I am marking it as a success.
My Batman and Minnie! 

The weekend prior we ended up at a local pumpkin patch. We missed our annual apple & pumpkin picking, so this was my way of making up for it. There's something to be said about getting at least one pumpkin from a patch {rather than Sprouts!}. 

I carved just one of our pumpkins,and the minute I cut it and took the top off Ella glanced inside, proclaimed "EWWWWW .... YUCKY!" and ran off to play. Josiah decided he was going to take his sisters side and told me it looked gross before he ran off too! So, I sadly, carved our stupid pumpkin by myself. I would typically get creative and find some joy in this, but I felt sick as it was and was only doing it for them. Sigh. 
When Jason saw it he laughed and said that was how I had looked all day. {I think I have better teeth!}
I crafted all of our fall decorations this year {thank you, Pinterest!}. This year I did some specific Halloween stuff, which I don't normally do ... but it was fun ... {top pics are milk cartons that we drew ghost faces on; cut a slit in the back, and slid white lights in them. the kids LOVED making these and turning them on every night. we called them the BOO BROTHERS, I have no idea why. bottom pics are a little spider web wreath and a whimsy Halloween quilt I made this year. I love this blanket!}. 

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