Saturday, October 29, 2011

A farm birthday bash!

I have been so busy lately actually DOING things I pin on pinterest. Imagine that?

We are in full fall mode and I love it so very much. I sort of want to smell it or eat it or something! I think I mentioned my dear husband volunteered himself to chair Josiah’s schools Fall Festival. Two days before Josiah and Ella’s birthday party. And we survived. The kids had fun at the festival, but I am pretty certain Ella HATES Halloween. She hated seeing Josiah in his costume. Then she hated seeing all the little boys in their superhero costumes at our MOMS group Halloween party {the girls were mostly princesses and she was good with that!}. And then she freaked out at our MyGym Halloween party and refused to participate. She loves MyGym and I have never seen her NOT want to interact there, so the only logical connection is Halloween, right? Josiah had a blast at it all though, especially MyGym since he’s one a hiatus during soccer. He got to zip line, twice.

Here are some shots from our MyGym party:

And our school Harvest Festival:

And all smiles at the MOMS party:

Today was the kids birthday party. Josiah really wanted to have a party this year, so we decided to do a joint party for the sake of our wallets. They’ll each have their own special meal {his was John’s Incredible Pizza, hers will be next week} on their birthdays, but the party was together. I always hate how after when I look at the photos I realize that I barely took any!

We did a farm theme.  A friend from church so very graciously brought over some hay and her farm animals!
{Almost} All the kids were afraid of the pony tho! Unbelievable! 
Another friend made this amazing cake! Seriously, isn’t this the cutest thing ever!!!? She has such talent! And if you're local and in need of a awesome cake, hit me up ... I'm making her start a business! :)
 We had a great group of friends and played a cowpoke game for candy {instead of piƱata}. 

All the "kids" ...

I love this shot! 

I made Ella's b/day outfit. I was happy with the way it turned out! This is really the only pix I have of her in it tho! 

 Josiah and the horsey!

 I loved opening gifts with Ella. With each new thing she said "OH!" or "WOW" and all the girls surrounding us would AH in unison. It made my heart happy. Josiah and Ella opened their gifts at the same time and Jason sat with Josiah, so I really didn't get to see what he got until after the party ... and that was a lot of fun too!

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