Saturday, November 26, 2011


On Wednesday Josiah had his kinder Thanksgiving feast, which was adorably awesome!

 In case you can't read the turkey, Josiah put he is thankful for:
home, God, sister, brothers {we have a friend he calls "brother"}, parents and church. :)

 We did Thanksgiving at our house and Josiah and I had fun decorating the table.
 I saw this idea on Pinterest ... using popcorn kernels to plant a candle for harvest time. I love how it turned out {b/c sometimes you try these DIY things and it ends up awful!}
 There are Josiah's pilgrim cookies he made for all of us! Aside from cute, they were yummy! {a striped cookie upside down, colored icing, topped w/ a mini reese's cup and a sprinkle. }

This is the only photo I took of people ... I guess that means we were too busy with each other!

We roasted our turkey Barefoot Contessa style {thanks Food Network} and stuffed it with lemons, onions, garlic, and thyme … rubbing it down with butter, salt and pepper. Yum! My favorite is my moms marshmallow yams; it’s like dessert. For dinner.

Late that night we took the kids to my parents and Jason and I did the whole Black Friday thing. We usually don't, but it seemed convenient. It wasn't ... as you know, it was crazy! We did get good deals at Carters! Ha!  And we braved Target. It was pleasant ... literally, our Target was awesome, even at 2am! We did stand in line for an hour and a half there, but it wasn't too bad. We really wanted to get Drew something for Christmas and the only way we'd be able to pull it was to take advantage of the midnight sale, so we did! Jason stood in line while I walked around the store looking at everything that said "Door-buster" and then we switched. Walking around Target ALONE is a teeny joy for me, so maybe that's why I found it pleasant - ha! We did finish all the shopping for the kids {3 gifts each!}. {{We did score an awesome Melissa & Doug gift certificate, so I did do some online shopping}. I am so glad that is out of the way! 

I get soooooo excitied to put up fall decorations each year ... I do it mid-Sept. All of it has been homemade crafts. This is a bit of what we had going on round here this year. 

In the top photo is a lighted pumpkin I got on clearance at Target one year, and then I applied rhinestone stickers to a brownish charger to get the pumpkin on the left. The middle photo is fall subway art framed {I love subway art!}. And the bottom photo is just a side shot of our mantel. 

I made this by raiding my moms button collection and hot gluing them to a piece of scrapbook paper, then added a frame!

First off, excuse my ugly security screen. {I think they are SO ugly, but so wonderful and practical at the same time. I know they have actual cute ones, but we rent!}Anyway! This a tu-tu wreath. Same concept as a tu-tu ... wrapped onto a piece of plumbing foam from Home Depot {.97 cents!}, with a little flower bang added.

This is from pinterest, but the idea I saw said Thankful. Which I actually prefer, but I only had 4 wine bottles on hand and my goal was to not buy anything. The inpiration pic also used wheat, but I had autumn flowers on hand, so there ya' go! I used my Cricut machine to cut out vinyl for the fall letters.

Josiah learned about the wishbone at school, so he was excited to break it. 

A new little friend came out for a visit Thanksgiving night. We named him Joe the Elf. Such a great story/idea!

And today we put the tree up and decorated for Christmas. It was 80 degrees here! Insane! The kids painted all of our pumpkins red. I am not sure what {if anything} I am going to do with them, but they enjoyed it!

We hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Our pastor played off a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote at our Thanksgiving Eve service ... he said  
“If the stars should appear but one night every thousand years how man would marvel 

and stare.” 

What a great reminder to be thankful for everything! Including all the small things we take for 

granted daily! 

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