Thursday, November 17, 2011

the things we do to keep them entertained.

We built a "race track" out of painters tape all over our living room today. HOURS of free fun. Somehow tape makes the cars more exciting!

If you'll notice Ella is wearing her "princess" dress over her regular clothes. I happened to be at Target last week and noticed ALL Halloween stuff was 90% off. HELLO! I bought all the costumes I could find that fit the little's {there weren't many} ... and paid $1.40 each for them. And for some random reason, Kleenex was on that aisle, also marked down to 14 cents a box. So you can imagine how full of Kleenex my cart looked, but we need them with all these colds and I stocked Josiah's teacher up. Anyway - Ella has been determined to wear a princess costume daily. "Princess dress ... Mama ... pleasssseeeeeee". So, looks like we're in the dress up stage. :)

And a complete side note: If you visit Trader Joe's soon, do not miss out on the Peppermint Pretzel Slims. I'm not always a salty & sweet person, but the guy there talked me into them and I caved. And seriously, when I took a bite, angels in heaven sang Hallelujah. For Real. They are that glorious!

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