Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent update

We’re on day 12 of our advent and so far so good! We’ve done about 80% of our service acts {just keeping it real for ya’ll!}, and Josiah’s favorite was giving the care package to the homeless man. He has talked about it every single day. We’ve done about 95% of our ornament crafts and have made our own felt Jesse tree to put them on. And we’ve done all of our readings, because that’s what we’ve made the priority. It really has been going well {aside from Josiah’s commentary … at age 6, mind you “Mommy, I know WHY Mary was so afraid when she found out she was pregnant. It’s because she has never had sex!!!”

Sex? What do you know about sex!!!????

 …. Turns out he knows nothing about it, just heard the word in the context of the nativity, so we had to have a little pow-wow and have decided maybe it’s time to start sex ed in our home again!}. I really think this is the same advent system we will use next year as well! It does take some effort, but I really want to instill these things in my children!

Things were a bit fast paced in the beginning of December, but they are slowing down now and I really hope to enjoy these days! What are some ways you ensure that you and your family enjoy this season and not rush through it? 

In other news, our Elf On A Shelf {aka: Joe} has several times tried to trick us by NOT MOVING AT ALL during the night! Does this happen at anyone else's house or are we bad parents?! lol! It has been a fun tradition though! {We do the Santa thing in our home, and basically he is a "servant" of God who helps celebrate Jesus' birthday by blessing people. I don't think finding out Santa is fake is going to have any more of an impact of the kids then finding out Buzz Lightyear is fake ... so Santa it is!}

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