Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a red violet crayon, in case you're wondering!

We planned a little trip to the tri-state area {NV, AZ, CA} to visit with my dad for a couple of days. It went nothing like I imagined.

11 am – leave, finally after car issues
2:30 – Sonics! Wish they had these closer to us!!
3:00 – Stop for potty break. Josiah takes {I kid you not} 40 photos that look just like this.

4:00 – Josiah tells us he has a crayon in his ear. A what? A crayon. We pull over to look; at first can’t see it; oh, yup, there it is; he freaks that it’s in so far. We wonder if other people’s lives are really this random!?  Take note that everywhere we look we see this

4:30 – contact doctor friend to see if it would be safe to try to get it out ourselves. He says only if we have the right tools. I vote a bobby pin, Jason and dr friend veto that and put the ER on the table.
7:00 {now, AZ time} – stop at Dads to say hello and ask where the nearest ER is. {Hospital and Dads on AZ time, Our hotel in NV and us on Cali time}. To make this short: They attempt to push it out with warm water which just melts it. They see him screaming and decide to sedate him … they do which involves 5 people and him screaming so loud you at home probably heard it … after the shot he screams “SUCKERS!! ARE THERE SUCKERS IN THIS PLACE?” Nurses turn heads to muffle laughter. He’s out, several tools are used and the crayon is still stuck. He wakes up and starts puking {which continues until about 2am}. Around 12:30 we leave for dinner and to check into our hotel in 38 degree weather! Brr! We decide to not tell Josiah that the crayon is still in his ear.

Wednesday: Everyone sleeps in … yay! We decide to eat breakfast at our hotel, a lady comes over to compliment us on how well behaved our children are. Makes mom happy! We spend the day at dads!

Thursday: Lunch at dad and a drive back home … after the backseat has been removed of all crayons.
I don't know what Josiah's face is about here, lol! 

Once home on Friday we visited an ENT specialist who has decided to book Josiah in his OR this Thur. to surgically remove the crayon. INSNAE! Really! I couldn’t make this stuff up! I tell him he gets to have a crayon in his ear for 2 years! {2011 and 2012!} :) ... not many people can say that! Ha! 

Hope your New Year is enjoyable! We're just going to relax with some peeps we love!! 


  1. oh Tracy...that is quite an adventerous little trip.

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