Friday, December 23, 2011

lights, birthdays, strep and broken TVs.

Last weekend we did a little light seeing. We got a bit of a late start, but it still satisfied my light viewing check box.  In our town they do a boat parade and all of the boats “dress up” and go through some of the town’s canals. We mostly looked at the houses, not the boats … but it was all pretty!

We also finally got the chance to celebrate Andrew’s birthday, so we did that by taking him out to dinner. We took the kids to my moms, so it could just be the 3 of us. I seriously dislike taking my little kids to restaurants. Unless it’s a restaurant made for little kids! Anyway, it was a nice dinner! We had cake back at my parents with the littles & Ryan.

Sunday night we noticed this major rash on Josiah, so I did my Dr. Mom research and decided he had scarlet  fever. A visit to the doctor the next day confirmed this. While we were there they checked Ella as well and she tested positive for Strep A! I couldn’t believe it, since both of the kids seemed only mildly sick. Both had a low grade fever, runny nose and a bit of a cough and that’s it. It’s a good thing for the rash or I probably wouldn’t have taken them in!  They got shakes and antibiotics and a few days at home.

We’ve been over a week without a TV. We’ve been talking about dropping TV for quite some time, and then we were at Walmart last Friday and Jason says “I think we should get a bigger TV” … and I say “I thought you wanted to get RID of the TV! You need to make up your mind!”. And guess what happened just a few hours later? Our TV blew – haha! {Well, I guess it wasn’t very “haha” in the moment}. It’s funny how you want certain things for your family, ideals, morals, etc. … but then we have to battle so badly with society, with the bigger and better and the “you must have” that gets pushed in our faces at every turn! It's called media exploitation and we're so accustomed to it now that we're being de-sensitized to the toll it's taking on our families.  So a broken TV is always a fix to that I guess. I no longer hear arguing from Josiah  … “But WHY can’t I watch TV?”. Jason did hook a projector up, so we’ve watched some movies here and there and I think we are planning on purchasing a new TV when finances allow, but for now maybe we’ll learn some lessons. J

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