Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas

Our Christmas was nice, even though Jason had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning {I guess the most important day in a pastors work?}. Christmas Eve we joined him for service and then Christmas morning we allowed the kids to open their stockings and Jason headed to work and we headed to my moms. We had a great relaxing morning there, and then went to Jason’s mom for food & family time. Jason had picked up Andrew {yay!!} and after a few hours we headed home for *OUR* Christmas.

Here are my highlights:

- We really enjoyed our Christmas advent. It went really well, and I’ll use it again next year.
- We stuck to the 3 presents per child. It has really been on my heart/mind lately {the last 2 months or more} about the sense of entitlement that our children’s generation is being raised with. It saddens me at the disservice we as parents are handing over to our kids. I do fully realize that it starts with us as parents, and I am not sure how much attention I’ve paid to it in the past, but Jason and I have already been discussing ways we can be intentional in instilling gratitude and humbleness in our children.   Do you think it’s a big issue? {We omitted letters to Santa, trying to take the emphasis off gifts, but he obviously still brought them!}
- Jason got an awesome bonus from the church and we were able to get Drew something he really wanted {after heading out in Black Friday madness, standing in line for 2 ½ hours … but scoring a great deal that allowed the purchase!}. It was exciting to watch him open it!
- On Christmas Eve we watched the Nativity Story with the kids. I always love that … brings us back to the reason we celebrate. Then Jason and I watch White Christmas while we play “Santa” {all on our computers}. I love doing that year after year!
- Ella *got* the whole present thing this year … and the best reaction of all was when she opened her Veggie Tails Princess Castle. She made this huge surprised face and said “OHHHHHHH!”. Priceless!
- I finally made our whole family {wearable} Christmas PJs. Oh yes, I am very aware of how nerdy they are!!
- When we were driving from my mom’s to Jason’s moms I asked Josiah if he was having a good Christmas and he said “It’s okay. It will only be great when our whole family is together. We need Daddy and Drew.” Love that boy!!

Ella is thrilled to be taking this photo! ;)

At grandmas

At Ampa and Nana's after Christmas dinner

I pray that you had a blessed Christmas with those you love and glimpses of His peace in each moment of celebration!

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