Thursday, December 15, 2011

those mandatory Christmas pics.

I made my kids go to JC Penny for Christmas photos {they all were pretty okay with it, tho we had SERIOUS melt down right before we left and I was ready to nix the whole thing, but somehow once we were in the studio they were ALL good! Ella even half-smiled this time around!} ... We joined the photo club way back when, so really all I have to pay is $3.99 a sheet. I should really take them more. Ella at least, since she has no school photos.

Anyway, I am happy with the results, and I present you with my sweets!!! :
My scanner is having some issues. Jason cleaned the screen but I think everything still looks smudged! 

This just makes me laugh. Ella is such a goof ball! 

The lady told Drew he looked "GQ" here. 

Josiah is such a good little model. I seriously have not gotten a BAD photo of him, even from the school! 

And for fun, here's me and my mom, Christmas 1982 ... I was nearly 2 1/2 here, just a few months older than Ella is now. But I had hair! ;) 

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