Friday, January 27, 2012

back to the bows

Our Ella bean is at a stage where she WANTS to wear bows again. Yay! Now it's mostly clips, but she picks them and brings them to me. It's probably been about a year since she started fussing over bows in her hair ... I'm glad to see a comeback. Speaking of hair ... ladies and gentlemen ... we have curls in the back. There is enough that I have to put something in it or she literally looks like a frizz ball! Like she stuck her finger in an outlet. So we finally found something to "tame" her and there's little curls back there. Maybe she'll have pigtails by the time she is 3 after all?

{Unrelated, but she is also TALKING up a storm. She really went from behind to speaking full sentences. This afternoon she walked up to Jason and stated "Daddy, tonight I go to Nana's and Ampa's house and I eat ice cream, okay?" ... this is such a difference from the quiet little bean we had awhile ago! She also wants to count everything}.


  1. Yay for KEEPING pretty hair things in!! And a SUPER yay for speaking more and more. I just can't get over the whole "toddler speak" - too stinkin' cute!

  2. They tend to do just that, collecting things. It's also good to hear them talk.