Saturday, January 28, 2012

Operation: Crayon Removal

Josiah’s “surgery” went really well! He freaked out the minute we left the house and stayed in general panic mode until they gave him a nice little drink. J He put on his “cap and gown” and they brought him a little teddy bear who also had a cap & gown & mask on that could go with him to the procedure. They put a movie on for him while we were waiting ... it was  “Robots”. Cute.

The nurse was incredible and by the time they were ready in the OR, Josiah was so mellow {hehe} that he let the nurse pick him up and carry him to the room, teddy in hand. Jason and I got something to eat in the café and by the time we were down the dr was out to talk to us. Simple and smooth. When he did wake up in recovery he started screaming for his mommy; but he was calmed quickly. We were able to go home within the hour and we took him to pick out some movies so he could chill all day. Such a different experience then the ER! The doc even commented to us that he wished ER doctors would just send kids to an ENT instead of try to remove objects themselves because all they do is traumatize everyone. {True!} So, if your kid ever sticks a crayon in his ear, now you know! ;)

It hasn’t bothered him ever since. He doesn’t want to tell anyone {since it happened during Christmas break, none of his school mates know}, and here I am blogging about it! All in preservation of memories I say!
Thanks to everyone who prayed for him. We keep talking about you and how God was taking care of him ... it's great for our Siah boy!! 

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