Friday, February 17, 2012

He planned it.

This year Jason decided to "plan" Valentines Day, which was cool since we normally keep it really low-key. We celebrated at home with the kids on the actual holiday with a candlelight dinner & Jason brought home the kids a few surprises. It was fun! Then on Thursday I had instructions to be dressed at a certain time, and after we dropped the kids off he took us to Battle of the Dance for dinner & a show. I thought it was really sweet, mostly because it was something simply for me. So, the hubs gets brownie points for the day of love this year!

Valentines Day was also Josiah's 100th day of school & we celebrated that. He had to do a 100 object project, which he's holding in the photo. It's hard to believe how far into the year we are; doesn't it seem like school just started?

Soon it will be over and we'll be planning for summer! I wish I could slow it down.

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