Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines {crayon hearts}

I saved this idea last year {under my "favorites", this was PP: pre-pinterest.ha!} and was excited to use it this year. 

We peeled a billizon crayons {me, Jay and Jason}and broke them up and melted them. The only silicone heart pan I could find was at Walmart {$3.50}and they were bigger hearts then what I was looking for. I baked them at 230 for 20 minutes. They cooled quickly and popped out of the pan so easily. They looked awesome!  

I found printables at this site and printed them out. I attached the cooled crayons to the papers by using 3D dots {which I had already}, they seemed to hold well. We put a little note on the back b/c I didn't want anyone eating crayons! Never know! 

For me, it seemed that 1 regular box of crayons made 6 hearts, which puts the total for each Valentine at about .30 each. {This is adding the cost of the heart pan, and assuming you use all new crayons, which I actually didn't}. 

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