Sunday, March 25, 2012


We headed to winter camp with the youth group. Jason had been sick and we prayed and prayed he would be well ... we were taking a group of close to 50 up the mountain! We brought our kids {not leaving my babies at home for a full weekend!}and they stayed with my parents in the 'pastor's cabin'. Jason was feeling better, but as soon as we got up that mountain, I started feeling bad! :(  

We arrived to a clear ground, but cold temps. By mid Saturday everything was covered in snow. I walked down this stupid hill for dinner in what seemed like a blizzard {couldn't even see where I was it was snowing so hard, and I honestly thought to myself that I might be on the news as one of those people lost in the snow who had to eat their own fingers to survive}. By the time I made it there, I was done, and spent the rest of the weekend with a 102 fever. So ... for ME, camp was no bueno! I missed out on so much with my girls! BUT, for everyone else camp was a success ... God really showed off! 

 This is actually driving down the mountain at the end of camp ... I was driving our only car; everyone else was on the bus. It was my first time driving in chains. I love off roading, so I wasn't scared at all! 

Snow angel! 

 Josiah is eating the snow here. We gave him the "don't eat yellow snow" lecture! 

 The bus stuck ... wasn't sure if we were going to make it down. 

This was our group! 

So thankful for what God did over the weekend and for the safety of all the teens! 

When we did get back home I remained sick for a week ... seriously the worst sickness I've had in I don't know how long {bronchitis w/ breathing treatments} ... and Ella got it too! :(

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