Wednesday, March 14, 2012

girlfriends, big and small!

Yesterday I drove down to Carlsbad with the kids and meet up with some sweet ladies who have shared in some of life's challenges with me! It's great to "show off" Ella to people who prayed long and hard for her! God has really given each of us our very own miracles and watching them play together was the best!

Ella and Emma are 6 weeks apart and were very similar during their first year of life; Emma's mom and I always laughed about how they mirrored each other in things, and when we brought them together ... guess what? They really could care less. Ha! Ella was in love with Anya! {and most of these photos are from Anya's phone}:

 Ella and Anya

 Josiah and Robbie

 Oh, how I love this!

 And ... Ella and Emma. Haha!

My super sweet friends! 

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