Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phone Dump

I seriously haven't pulled my camera out in forever, which is bad for blogging & for making our annual family scrapbook {which is basically this blog in print via Snapfish!}. Anyway, here, in no particular order, is some recent life: 

 Behold, Daddy painting Ella's nails. This actually happens alot! Ella always wants her nails painted & sometimes Daddy is the sucker who says yes! And other times Daddy even lets Ella paint his toenails {but you didn't hear that from me!}

 Josiah with Daddy's fro wig on!

 Us going out on a date night. I like this pix ... not usually fond of unedited phone pix!

 Josiah cutting up his own snack. He is such a big boy!

 Here we are at a wedding Jason officiated. I thought he did so great and the wedding was so sweet! And we were "lei'd". It was a seriously wonderful afternoon {& I got to hold the brides 3 week old baby {{whom I met that day}}during the ceremony ... hello baby fix}.

 Disney days! We've had lots of these recently, esp. since several of our friends have passes too! It's been fun. Recently we went for a parade and during it Caption Hook came up to Josiah and "hooked" him and Ella about flipped her lid. She freaked out thinking he hurt Jay. So sweet. Rapunzel came down the route shortly after & that calmed her.

Me & Ella after dropping Siah off at school. I love this time with her! 

 Ella wearing the wig!

Josiah and his friend Marley at a birthday party.

Us & Drew at his basketball awards banquet. He pretty much rocks.

Daddy & Ella at the birthday party.

Ella found this wig in her friend Deslyn's bedroom & was in LOVE with it. Poor girl wants hair! She would not take the thing off! She looks so different to me.

This is from a Wizard of Oz party we went to ... so cute! 

A Daddy & Josiah day at Go Kart World.

Ella doing Mommy's make-up {and her own} at Nana's.

The results {I look scary! lol}

Ella having a sideways tea party. She has a tiny ceramic tea set that she hearts big time! 

 Jason & I went on a field trip with Josiah to the Cabrillo Aquarium. I work in the classroom once a week, so I know the kids. It was a lot of fun! I am going to be sad when the school year ends.

My cute boy!!

 This is Drew driving me & the kids home from church. His first decent fwy trip. Ah!

We're organizing our craft supplies in preparation for summer. Siah is an eager helper!

A Magic Mountain trip.  The older I get, the less I like roller coasters!

Ella at ballet class. She wants to sa-shay everywhere. 

 A few parents & I decorated Josiah's teachers door for teacher appreciation. I thought it turned out cute. We are going to miss Mrs. Downey!

While Josiah typically must be forced to "smile", this girl never passes up a photo op!

Different b-day party, different day! ;) 

Below are my kids doing what they love:

Whew ... that was a lot! 

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