Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer time!

We busted out a slip N slide, which was a first for both kids. Daddy had to show them how to do it! 

A adobe ranch in our town had a sort of "re-grand opening" after some work was done and they sponsored an awesome free community day. We got to learn a lot of history & the kids & my husband loved it. Can't beat that! 

This is Josiah and his "Japanese rock garden" that he created. Ella is on the other side of him, doing her own.

This is Josiah making rope from yarn. Pretty cool! 

Ella is wearing a paper bonnet she is giddy about. We stood in line for this for about 5 minutes, and the whole time I was certain she was not going to let strangers touch her, put paper over her head, tape it and decorate it ... BUT, she keep insisting she wanted a bonnet. So, when it was her turn, she was all smiles. She even spoke to them when they asked her questions ... lol!

Josiah's favorite was the "real" horseshoe game he got to play with Daddy {as opposed to the "fake" horseshoes we have at home}. And Ella's favorite was seeing the horses in the barn and watching them eat. She kept asking if she could pet them. She is our courageous child, no doubt!

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