Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get rid of flies {no chemicals, or grossness!}

So. Last year my parents had this huge ziplock baggie hanging in their doorway, which my pops swore was like an anti-fly sign. It sounded crazy. 

In the last few weeks, flies have invaded as we've pretty much not had our backdoor closed at all during the day. I thought it was time to give it a try {after a bit of Google research, of course}. 

Ziplock bag, 5 pennies, and water. Nailed to the door jam 
{fits perfectly between our door and screen}

I saw 1 fly. Compared to the billion last week. 

I think it works, my friends! 

I do want to get a bigger ziplock {like gallon sized}, so its hanging lower ... to keep that ONE fly out! 

Google tells me that apparently the flies fear the reflection they see in the bag, so they won't fly near it. I really don't know what pennies have to do with anything, and really I don't care as long as my house is fly free! 

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  1. I wonder if I need US pennies or our coins will work?