Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mission Kindergarten is completed!

Josiah "graduated" kinder! 

This is what we brought in today to give to all of his classmates. 

This is what we brought for his end of school teacher gift:

 This is Josiah and his teacher. We LOVED her. I enjoyed working with the students each week & will miss them I think! She has such a wonderful way with them and it was inspiring to watch her work.

 This is Josiah getting his awards: He excelled in math facts, reading {mid-first grade level}, and knowing his 100 kinder words.

This is the class singing a patriotic song to celebrate flag day! 

He was actually pretty bummed last night about missing his teacher, but today ... nothing but joy:

This was his welcome home {and to summer} surprise. 

He was so excited to find out Daddy got pizza and cake. He's wanted one of these cakes for himself so badly ... finally it was his turn! Daddy even asked for pink & blue ribbon b/c those are his favorite colors lol!

This afternoon he looked at us, and said "Before we eat, I must say 3 things. Thank you Daddy. This is the best graduation ever. And I love everything!"  Perfect!  

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