Tuesday, June 26, 2012

She danced to Animal Crackers In My Soup!

Ella had her first dance recital. It was adorable. I went in with zero expectations, b/c  she gets soooo embarrassed whenever someone comes to watch her at dance class. So the chances of her loving her time on stage seemed slimed. I was okay with that. She loves dance and quite frankly, she’s only 2. We’re only in for the fun!

When it was her turn to line up back stage, I walked her to her place & when she wasn’t looking I ran away. Yes, I did. Then I waited in the audience to see if she was screaming her head off on the other side of the curtain.

But when the curtain opened she took a look around and decided she was going to ham it up. And, my word, she did. She didn’t do the dance for the most part {a few steps here and there}, we got mostly smiles, waves, and even a thumbs up sign. When she went back up to bow she just danced away! It was a blast!
So, here she is in all her puff ball costume glory: 

These are her flowers from Daddy. Even girl needs flowers after a dance show! 

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