Sunday, June 10, 2012

two. and a half.

Ella is one month older right now then Josiah was when he came to live with us. This realization brings two thoughts to my mind. A: I cannot believe how quickly my daughter is growing up! And B: I am saddened to see how much we really missed out on with J.

As 2 ½ Ella has a vocabulary that is large. She went from no words to full sentences. She told Josiah a few weeks back that he was “not being appropriate”! Her funny words now are “of course!” Example:

Adult: “Do you want your purple blanket?” {b/c we can’t call it a “blankie” it is her PURPLE BLANKET}
Ella: “Of course.”or
Adult: "You finished your dinner”
Ella “Of course.”

She also has been adding “soooo …..” on the end of her sentences lately.  Example:
“I am hungry, soooo ….” {which I take as “so whata ya going to do about it!”} or simple things like
“I had fun today, sooooo ….”

She’s also still big on her “OH MY GOODNESS!” …. Except goodness is drawn out …

Her favorite foods are chicken, broccoli, and ice cream. I want to make a grilled cheese for lunch & she wants chicken and broccoli. She can eat a whole head of it by herself. And we must spell the words ice cream … actually we just call it I C. Say the words and you’re in trouble.

She asks every single day to go to dance class. Which is a bummer, b/c I am not going to keep her in during the summer. We’ll wait till fall @ the dance studio. Summer calls for lazy days & summer fun! She is still in gymnastics on Tuesday mornings. {BUT she gets super embarrassed when anyone she knows visits a class to watch her!}

She calls Daddy “DaDa” and I get “Mommy” with an occasional “MaMa”.

She knows 4 or 5 colors and can count to 14. She can sing the alphabet song along with someone else, but I am really not sure if she could alone. She sings Twinkle Twinkle with the sign language motions.

She has no problem getting dirty, and will play with bro’s cars. When it comes down to it though, she is such a girly girl. She noticed I painted my toe nails purple, and was mad I didn’t do hers. She is ALWAYS asking someone to paint her nails or do her {Uh-Hum} hair. She likes twirly skirts and shoes. She cooks us food in her kitchen and plays mommy to her dolls. It is SO different from having a boy!

The girl can throw a tantrum. She is strong willed. At home, anyway. She is super shy and a mommy & daddy’s girl for sure! She doesn’t like strangers touching her. She’s finally getting to a point where she doesn't cry when we leave her {which is about 4x a week, 3x for church & 1x for my MOMs group}. She did great for awhile when she was younger, but then started having separation anxiety again and it now finally seems to be subsiding.

She is a joy! All of our kids are! There are days where I just don't believe that this is really my life and my job is really to parent them! We are blessed! 

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