Friday, July 06, 2012

independence day!

July 4th is my favorite holiday. It has nothing to do with the fact that it's my birthday. ;)

This year our church ran a firework stand, so we were there a lot. It was actually fun!

In the morning we did a great American kids bike parade at the beach. It was a lot of fun! Our kids were so excited to decorate their wagon. It was craziness!

We had planned on heading to our local military base for night time fireworks. That place is my all time favorite. I love the patriotism! I love everything about the show they do there, but we set off some fireworks on Monday night and as soon as they started boom booming Ella about jumped out of her princess pull-ups in fear. It was not a pretty sight. How can MY daughter, my mini-me be afraid of fireworks? Alas, we decided maybe to stay close to home where she could be inside. We hung out with my parents & my brother and his girlfriend, which was cool since this will likely be my brothers last 4th at home for a long time.

Being silly! 

So, for my birthday my husband bought me a swimsuit. I must confess that I would never, ever condone my husband picking out a swimsuit for me; in fact if he told me his plans I would have advised against it. But, for real ... it is the cutest stinkin' swimsuit I've ever had. And I love it! Way to go husband! We've been super busy with beach/pool/slip n' slide stuff ... and I really needed a new suit. He super scored. But my favorite birthday thing every year is the cake Jason & the kids make for me. I would choose their homemade sprinkle mess of a cake over anything!

I'm officially 32. BUT I thought I was 32 already, and I thought I was turning 33, until my mother and I got into an argument about it. I had to bust out a calculator. So, I get another shot at being 32, but I missed 31! Ha! You know you're old when you're not even sure what your age is!

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