Monday, July 23, 2012

lion & bears {no tigers!}

This week we went to the OC zoo, which is a small zoo, but lots of fun. We saw some cool animals up close, and even got to brush some hair.

We rode bikes. This was a hilarious trip, I think I almost peed my panties!

We went to the drive in.

And my parents keep the kids for nearly a full day while we went to a wedding! A beautiful wedding celebrating the marriage of beautiful people!


It's been a fun summer week! Except when ....

My kids decided to bust out make-up and make themselves Indian warriors. With all of the make-up brushes I had just cleaned and laid out to dry.

A big hole appears in my bathroom screen. Josiah knows he is not allowed to play with the water out back. {He has serious impulse control issues, part of his therapy work}. So, the brilliant boy that he is, he decided to create a hole in the bathroom screen, run the hose through it, and hook it up to a water source inside the bathroom. All this because he needed to water his plant. He could have just asked.

Good & bad days, right?

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  1. I'm sorry, but I got a good "lol" out of his method's of watering. It's not just me! Other people have crazy day to day lives too :)