Monday, August 13, 2012


We had VBS last week & as always, it was fun. We corralled some of our youth girls to work in our room {the drama room}. I love working the drama area, I think Jason is so good with kids and getting them all pumped up.   

Josiah is finally old enough to be out with the groups that move around & so he got to visit the drama room. 

These are my youth girls! Such fun to work with & such a blessing to our church! 

Ella is soooo reserved, but you put the kid on stage & she's all over it. So funny! Video's below! 

Two of my friends sent their daughters, Deslyn & Marely. The girls had fun! Ella loves them & always runs around with them like she is 5. Josiah is usually all over them too, but I noticed he sorta hung with the boys during VBS.

This is Jason in his "character". 

VBS week reminds me of how I seriously am so lucky to stay home! I do not know how you moms work & then come home & cook and clean & take care of your husbands and kids. I was wiped at the end of each day, and it was only a half day!! My utmost respect goes out to working moms! 

I think, in total, we had a little over 100 hundred kids attend and hear about Jesus! SO many people put so much work into the event! 

So, here are videos, for the grandparents sake: 

{Even if you're not a grandparent, you should watch the first one. Jason gets the annual pie in the face. Ella did her annual cry/scream. }

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