Monday, September 03, 2012

Swimming & Firemen

For the last 2 weeks of summer we put the kids in daily swimming lessons. Ella's was parent & me {mostly Mommy, but a few times Daddy}, and Josiah was on his own. I signed him up for group lessons but he was the only one in his class, so they ended up being private! He did so well & his confidence in the water has greatly improved. The only thing he wouldn't do was jump off the diving board {he's "afraid of heights"}. Ella, on the other hand took the jump 2 times, and wanted to go a third. I am really proud of them both!

Then, on the very final day of class Ella fell and hit her head. I grabbed her up pretty quick & reassured the lifeguard and her freaked out Daddy that she was fine. We put ice on her big ol' bump. She screamed bloody murder. We are familiar with bumps on the head. Josiah has scared us more than once, and as moms do, I've learned that these things aren't necessarily a big deal. And Josiah gets crazy looking bumps ... here's his last one:
Crazy, huh? 

So, I felt Ella was fine. She wouldn't really let go of my neck, but she seemed okay. They always tell us with Josiah that as long as he isn't puking we're good. THEN Ella started throwing up everywhere. Well okay, I decide maybe we should go to the ER. THEN she decides she isn't going to stay awake and starts having heavy eye lids. 911 was called, and the operator was saying to make sure she stays awake, everyone kept saying "Keep her awake", so that became my goal. I was literally slapping her checks to keep her eyes open. Like in the movies. Because I didn't know what else to do. Oh, and I was also supposed to be keeping her head still. The firemen got there in a crazy quick amount of time, so one of them took over bracing her head. And I kept yelling her name & smacking her cheeks. {Then came a EMT truck, an ambulance & a cop car}. Let me admit that I think I've romantized firemen. I totally expected them to show up and make me feel better & say she was fine & tell us we could drive her the ER if it would make us feel better. They didn't. They were serious and scary and one of them kept yelling at me to keep her awake and another kept telling me to calm her down. But really, if she was screaming, then she was awake, right?  They spoke crazy medical talk to each other and would not answer my questions. Finally one man sat next to me and told me that her going unconscious didn't necessarily mean anything really bad was happening, and I wanted to kiss him. I think he was literally the only person who addressed me. {Mind you I am in my bathing suit and have no clue where Jason & Josiah are in the crowd}. They got a neck brace on her & I asked for a bag for me, because I was pretty certain I was going to puke myself in my efforts to stay calm. We hopped in the back of the ambulance & they did some tests & poking & oxygen. I didn't ask what they were saying to each other b/c I was afraid to know, and they never really answered me much anyway. They turned the sirens on and that freaked me out, because they would only do THAT if it was a REAL emergency right? Oh, the train of thought of a panicked mom! Once we were on the road one of the guys in the back yelled to the driver "You're going to Memorial right? They have a trauma room open for us". A trauma room - honestly, at this point I was wondering what they did in trauma rooms. Why were they special? Should I ask why we needed one? Ella was still screaming or closing her eyes causing me to wake her and her to scream again. We got to the hospital quickly & we were in the hall {with all of our firemen, paramedic & EMT friends with us} while they were trying to decide to go to the trauma room or to the peds ER when a very nice man in plain clothes {but with a hospital badge} came & took mine & Ella's hands & he leaned down & told her she was going to be fine, he was sure of it.  Sweet man!!

Once we were in a room I felt calm again. She hadn't thrown up in awhile, I was finally able to hold her. The Dr checked her for a brain bleed, and checked for any limb paralysis. They gave her pain meds and told me I could put her to sleep {yes, please!}. Eventually, a security guard came to the door and said my husband was out front and was demanding to be let it - my mom drove him.  The drs wanted to watch her for a few hours & then they wanted to have her eat & make sure she could keep it down {something about blood in the brain & food}, and then we were released to our regular doctor!

All in all, the fall didn't scare me because I had her in my arms in minutes. The firemen & EMT scared me. I know it's their job to be serious & take the best care that they can, but good heavens! I could have used reassuring or SOMETHING! I am grateful to them and their urgency. She awoke from her "nap" and was in a much better mood. She played with her neck brace & the "I am in the hospital" workbook they gave her. She ate. She complained about her head for a few days, but she is healthy and whole and I am thankful!! WHAT an ordeal!

Back to smiles! 

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