Friday, October 26, 2012

Back to School!

So, my kids started school over a month ago, but here's your post! School!!

Drew started his senior year. This year he continues his journey in Business Academy, he's on the Senior Student Council, and he's team caption for his varsity Basketball team. He did his final 'first day of school breakfast' with Dad. 

Jr year & Sr. year

Breakfast at Schooner or Later.

Josiah started first grade. He was so excited to see his best bud in his class! After working in the classroom for a few weeks I very quickly learned that 1st grade is much different than kinder. My goodness! I love kinder {my teaching goal actually}.The songs, the art, the fun. First grade is business. J is in an accelerated class, which is good and bad. Good in the sense that he is kept busy and challenged and gets in less trouble; bad in the sense that he breezed right through kinder with NO problem, but first grade … we have to work! Spelling words are the hardest for him, but with words like herbivore, I don’t blame him. Math is a breeze, he does a ten minute test in under 3, with 100% accuracy. He joined cub scouts as well!

kinder & 1st

Ella has started pre-school! At home, of course, because there’s no way I’m paying someone else money to do crafts with my girl! We started a different curriculum (ABC Jesus Loves Me) then what I did with Josiah and I love it! It works so well for us, and we are having a blast! She says she goes to “mommy school”. She would not stand still to smile for a photo. Goof! We go to the library weekly and she loves the touch toddler computer. Lots of fun!

Ella insisted on making a funny face for her photo.

Ella at gymnastics

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  1. The kids are growing up so quickly! I can't believe Drew is a Senior!!!