Sunday, October 28, 2012

{excessive} Photo Dump

Drew at his school's top 20 for Homecoming King

I think this was Vegas? Just found it in my phone! 

Zip-lining w/ this beautiful girl! I was so afraid! 

Ella checking out her lips! 

The kids during snack/Netflix time. 

Mommy/ Daughter date at Disneyland. 

Josiah's first time as goalie! 

the little's dog piling on their brother. 

Ella at Disneyland laughing at the rain on her head! 

Ella earned a ribbon at gymnastics for her "social skills" 

Princess time. 

Girl time at The Talk - we had an awesome time. 2 tapings & front row seating. 

Josiah on his special date night with our sweet friend Sandra. They went to a play. 

Jason & I at the Price of Right. It was a fun experience, but I'd never go to a taping there again. 

Josiah and his best bud Sean at a bday party. This is his first bestie that he made on his own {as in it's not one of my friends children}. Sean is so sweet & has a great family! 

Eileen & I at Price is Right. 

Our church staff retreat

Summer fun. I love seasonal stuff. 

Our first time on the Cars racer ride! 

Made out of legos! Crazy, huh? 

Her "Rapunzl" hair. 

Youth girl fun at our purity conference! 

Josiah fell asleep with this raft around him! 

Mickey gingerbread men! 

Summer camp in our matchy-match shirts! 

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