Thursday, October 18, 2012

Josiah at 7!

This year we've let the little's pick whatever they want to do for their birthday. Josiah choose donuts for breakfast, Ridemakerz after school, pizza and cake for dinner; and then a playdate the next day w/ his bud from school. He asked his Ampa to come w/ us to build his "ride" - he really enjoyed it! {Basically, you pick out all of the pieces to build your car ... car body, rims, tires, lights, etc. ... and then you go to stations to "build" it yourself, screwdrivers and all!} He wanted it to be a remote control car, so we upgraded it to that - and it goes pretty fast!!

Josiah, at 7: 
  • In 1st grade, an advanced, acceleration PALS class. His strengths are math and science. 
  • Just joined Tiger cubs w/ his best buddy from school & another friend. 
  • 3rd year in soccer - loves it with some serious passion! 
  • We ended his karate/gymnastics because of all the other stuff he's getting involved in. We have family first rules & this year he had to make some decisions about his activities. 
  • Since we cancelled our cable & started using Netflex/Hulu, he's become a big fan of old school cartoons. Like He-man. And the olllldddd Batman. 
  • Loves to build/create ... does puzzles made for grown-ups. Loves word search's and puzzle games. Wants to "invent" a cell phone that is solar powered, so the sun will charge it & we would never need to plug it in. 
  • His movie of choice would be Prep & Landing, which is a Christmas movie, but he loves it year round. 
  • Such a picky eater ... still! Loves typical kids food ... pizza, mac n cheese.
  • Graduated TF-CBT therapy! Yay! But ... has just had to head back into speech therapy. 
  • Loves playing outdoors, getting dirty. 
  • Knows a lot ... A LOT ... about the Bible. I'm pretty sure it's more than I've ever taught him. 
  • Such a snuggler, lover and overall big hearted kid! 

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