Monday, October 29, 2012

thee FARM!

So, our annual farm trip turned into a failed youth event {adult drivers kept having to cancel} turned into a friend event. My girlfriend and I took our kids {Jason planned to go, but ended up sick that day - no throwing up at the farm!!} and we had some teenage girls tag along just for fun! Ella was really down with the whole apple picking thing this year, but she did not want her photo taken. What is with my kids?

So no one else would get near this cow, but Ella did and proudly exclaimed "I love cow smell" ... that's my girl! 

This was the best photo I could get of these goof balls! 

I wish my morning walk was down this road every day. 

"I do it ALL BY MYSELF!"

During the summer they have a rope that you swing from into this pond. Sigh. 

Ella was off with her teenage girlfriends; when they're around I'm  not so special! So I got special time with my boy. 

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