Sunday, October 07, 2012


We spent our summer trip visiting Utah with a small detour to Vegas. It was beautiful – I’d never been to Zion before. We had a rocky start … our air went out in our car at about 9pm the night before we were supposed to leave. We rented a mini-van that morning, Ella woke with a fever, but we headed off anyway. She didn't feel well for a day or so, but got back to her quirky self quickly. Doing National Parks with kids is a much different experience I must say!! No more day long hikes! Day 1 of Zion, Ella was a mess! And I think we were impatient. But we still got to explore. Then on about day 4 of our trip, our mini-van broke down! Crazy!! My favorite part of it all was Weeping Rock, I think. It was gorgeous, and everyone was in a good mood and enjoyed the hike – no whining or moaning, just joy! These trips are so important ... to explore, to just be.

Below are some pics, in a very random order, sorry about that; but if I took the time to organize them better this post would never be posted!! 

This is the Zion - Mount Carmel Tunnel, it's 1.1 miles long ... kinda cool! 

Other side of the tunnel

The kids playing in the Virgin River

What trying to take a family picture often looks like. 

This is the view from one of the windows in the tunnel. 

This is what the tunnel window looks like from the outside. 

I completely forgot the name of this arch! 

Ryan and Drew

Exiting the tunnel

And she's out!! 

Swimming at the timeshare. 

From our balcony in St. George

The boys making us tacos for dinner. 

This is a rock Ella found on a hike. She loves her heart rock! 

Ella cracking the eggs for breakfast. 

Dad and Josiah going to explore.

Drew and Ryan are way down there listening to their echo's. 

This is one of my fav photos ... mostly b/c I loved the moments surrounding when it was taken. 

At the end of a hike. 

Love these kids! 

Ella & Daddy feeling the water drop from Weeping Rock. 

Our family! 

This random shoe explosion on the side of the road. 


We borrowed the hiking backpack from a friend - she hated it & wanted to walk. 

Back in Vegas at the M&M Factory. 

I've been to Vegas a bazillion times &  this is my first photo here - thanks to Ryan.

More timeshare swimming. 

This was in the town square in St. George. Just grab a soda and drop your money in. Awesome! 

And the skies declare His glory! 

On the road ... 

Before we got really close to this guy, a man pointed him out to me and then told me he'd probably taste good. :/

Random stop on the road. 

We tried Alligator jerky. Not a fan. 

Keepin the kiddo's busy. 
I tried to take a photo of me & Ella by these beautiful flowers and she pushed me away and told me she wanted  Drew in the picture. 

Vegas baby!

Planet Hollywood for lunch. 

This would be the things we did to each others rooms when we should have been sleeping. 

Ditto to above.

This is prob my favorite pic from the whole trip. Love these kids! 

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