Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ella Brooklyn. At three.

The only thing this girl wanted for her birthday was to go to Disneyland dressed as a Princess. Ariel, to be exact. With Rapunzel hair. She really wanted her "hair" and nails and make-up done at the Bitty Boppy Botique, but we decided to do that stuff at home. We just don't think she's ready for that, at 3. I think she'd be too scared to enjoy it.

She woke up with a cough. I gave her Motrin, just to be safe. She called her Nana and said "It's Novemeber 5fth! It's my birfday!" But the fun didn't last long.

Opening her princess dress. All smiles!! 

Ready for Disneyland!

We took her to the Princess Botique so she could pick her gift out; she choose a Ariel earrings & necklace set & an Ariel purse & gloves set. And of course we hooked her up with a tiara. She was so joyful here! Then we saw Cinderella, and miss Ella asked to go meet her. We stood in line for 10 minutes and this is what happened: 

Cinderella freaked her out! 
Next she wanted to head to Peter Pan, which is her favorite ride {Dumbo a close runner up}, but we could tell she wasn't feel too well. We told her we should probably head home & we'd bring her back in her dress later, but she was determined to go on Peter Pan. After she said she wanted to give Dumbo a try, but soon changed her mind and said she was ready to go home. I really didn't capture a cute 3rd photo of her ... we'll try this weekend.

She thought strangers saying "Happy Birthday Ella" was weird. 

Daddy bought her a lollipop which cheered her up. She is always asking for this lollipop, and we always say no. Until Birthday time, apparently. {You can see her Ariel earrings in this photo}.

Isn't her cake awesome? Unfortunately, she was feeling so yucky, she wasn't into the whole blowing the candle out thing. 

Face-timing her bud Ryan.

We got a few smiles at her gifts, but she conked out pretty early. Poor girl.
Turns out she had croup, our fall friend, croup. Again. I just got done saying to her doctor at her 3 yr well child check that we had escaped it thus far this year. Boo! She got a breathing treatment & a steroid shot. And a stat order for her own nebulizer we can have at home. It will help with the wheezing and coughing at night. She spent most of Monday night feeling awful with a 103.7 fever. What a way to spend a birthday!

Ella, at 3:

3 year well child check. 

  • You are in the 90% for height {you just had a growth spurt} and 49% for weight. That makes your BMI 4. Time to gain some weight back! 
  • Your favorite show is still Barney. Since we cancelled TV you don't really have the options you had before, but you will either ask to watch a princess movie, a Veggie Tales movie, or Barney. Occasionally Blues Clues. or Angelina. 
  • You are NOT fully potty trained. You are afraid to poop in the toilet  Just yesterday you told me that it's scary that the poop "falls" into the toilet. ???? I don't know what to make of that!
  • You tell everyone that your birthday is "Novemer 5fth!"
  • Your favorite things to eat are chicken, rice, and broccoli. It's actually what you've requested for your birthday dinner. 
  • You would rather wear nightgowns over any other PJ, and dresses over jeans. Once dressed you always go to your brothers room to "model". He always tells you that you look so pretty. 
  • You've officially been in gymnastics for half your life {I signed you up for tumbling at 18 mo!}, and while you love it there, you're heart is more excited for ballet & your "tappy" shoes!   
  • The dog is your bestfriend right now! 
  • You ask me everyday if we can "paint now!?"
  • The toys you play with the most are your dolls. You feed them and put them to sleep. 
  • You always want to sleep with Josiah, and every morning walk into the hall and ask "where is Drew?" You are crazy in love with Drew. You squeal when you see him and cry when he leaves. 
  • You are a kind and sweet girl. I love that people are always telling me how "sweet" you are!
Happy Birthday baby! 

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  1. I can't believe she is 3!! Hope she is feeling better!!

  2. I love her new 'do.' And is she wearing a 'ponytail' in that last picture? She's is so adorable.

  3. That's actually pig tails! lol!