Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today I heard a pastor say that regardless of how we live ... bitter & negative OR thankful & a positive ... that we will sort of prophesize {is that a proper word? blogger spell check says no?} our own lives. Meaning if we are constantly negative, we will see things in a negative light. Cup half full/empty mentality - nothing new, right? For the last year I've been doing the joy dares from Ann Voskamp, basically a daily listing of thanks {there's an app!}. But I know I can easily fall into that my-life-is-falling-apart-the-world-is-ending-my-car-broke-again-how-will-we-pay-for-this-my-husband-has-the-stomach-flu-my-toddler-is-strong-willed-there-are-no-more-twinkies attitude and be a grump. Totally changes my attitude. So, today I want to share what I'm thankful for.

That I live in a place where I can carry a Bible, attend church and pray openly without my life being in danger.

That, even though I don't deserve it, I've been given this amazing and beautiful family. Our house can be CRAZY, but at night when all is still, I'm always amazed at the moments I am given each day.

That even after 11 years of marriage, I still get to wake up next to my best friend. Even if he spent Thanksgiving throwing up.

That I live in a time where so much knowledge is accessible to me.

That I have a little home I can call my own.

The laughter I hear when these 3 play is the best thing ever! 

This girl!! I made this "dress" - a clearance tee from Old Navy & 3 strips of fabric{1/4 yd each}, ruffled &  sewn onto the shirt. The tee was rather long to start with, so it made a good length. Added a little pinned on ruffle. Total cost: $5!

Pilgrim hat place cards, made by Josiah. 

Our little fam - Jason is only sitting for photo purposes; right after this he went to bed, no Turkey dinner for him! ;(

When uncle falls asleep he gets bows on his head. 

Following asleep on Ampa. 

Josiah took this photo of himself. His eyes are amazing! 

My pilgrim & Indian early this morning! 

I think I might be in trouble with this girl? I asked her to pose, and I get this!?

Dinner table.

We hope you enjoyed your day! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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