Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birthdays & Proposals.

This weekend we were able to take Drew out to dinner for his birthday. We went to one of those places with teppan-yaki tables and got our eyebrows seared.

We left the littles home with this lady. She's so good with our kids.

Her and I did some midnight Toys R Us shopping a few weekends ago ... things are crazy in that store.
Middle of the night, we are sooooo tired, please let us escape the crazy toy store! 

Anyway, it was us adults & Ryan for dinner. One thing I love about my city is the amazing views! {that's the Queen Mary behind us, if you can make it out}.

Dinner was good! But I am sure turning 18 was better! He got his drivers license {finally} and his mom  and step-dad gifted him with a car for his We are SOOO thrilled for him!

The following day we had another special event. Ryan came to us several weeks ago, sat us down and told us he had bought a ring. We have been soooooooooooo excited. And I hate keeping secrets like this! Anyway, he proposed on Sunday and of course she said yes! We were included in their family celebration lunch that afternoon and it was so special. So excited for this wedding!
This photo of Kelli and Ryan is the sweetest thing ever! 

It has been so cold here, but I love it. I'd rather be cold than hot, plus it fits Christmas. I also love the rain. {I posted this temp pic the other day on Instagram, the same time my friend Niki was posting a similar photo, but her car read 14 degrees. So the term cold is relative. ;) }

Drew's senior b.ball season is about to begin and this past week he played in a tourney, and was awarded all tournament player. Sweet! 

And, finally we did sneak in another Disney trip. A short one, but it was fun!
Since we thought it was funny she wouldn't look at the camera the first time, Ella now thinks it's hilarious to turn her back on the photo pass people. :/

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