Sunday, December 16, 2012


I can't even image what the people of Newtown are going through. I wanted nothing more than to head straight to Josiah's school and bring him home as soon as the news started rolling out. 

Since we are TV-less, we have actually been more detached to this story, then to stories of the past ... as our only news is via the internet and radio. I must admit, I like it. I like not listening to the media glorify horrible things. But today, I clicked on the photos of those young children who lost their lives and can't even imagine how someone could do what was done. 

Makes us so thankful for the little ones we were able to bring home on Friday, just as if it were a 'normal' day. Especially this boy ... this toothless boy. 

tooth #1 came out, he was so excited UNTIL he saw the blood, lol. 

Tooth #2 came out shortly after. 

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  1. I appreciated that blog post you linked to, Traci. I actually bought her book "The Ministry of Motherhood" based on your recommendation, and love her blog as well. I think she is so wise... Oh, and we are quite toothless at our house as well. :) Don't you wish you could freeze them at this age? :)