Saturday, January 05, 2013

Here's my plan for 2013:

Simple as that. 

For NYE my hubs decided we should stay home, with just us and have ourselves a little party. 

We got the fondue set up! Cheese and chocolate. And lots of dippers. 

So good! I think I gained 10 pounds just in that night alone. 

We kept the kids busy with games and crafts: we made a NY sign, noise makers and party hats. 

Our "2012" sign. 

Most of the nights the kids were dressed as a princess and a knight. Not really sure why! 

Jason and I created this "balloon drop". I think a plastic table cloth & painters tape would be ideal for this project, but we had  neither on hand, so we used wrapping paper and electrical tape. ;)

Josiah as the balloons dropped. Wish the camera would have caught some mid-air. I digress. 

Ella, flipping to 2013! 

Our toasting glasses! I think this one's been licked!

We spent New Years Day at my parents, as my brother left for the Army this week. He's going in as EOD, which makes me never want to watch Hurt Locker again.

Praying that 2013 is a blessed year for you and that you find yourselves in places that lead you to seek our Father intimately and passionately. 
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