Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Media Bucks.

My 7 year has ADHD, so if he doesn't know what to expect with things ... let's just say it ain't pretty. 

So, through counseling with him and such we have adapted many systems in our home. Some of them worked, others tanked. 

But, we just went old school! We're bringing media bucks back to our house!

We did these with Andrew when he was smaller, and it worked well. 

Josiah has a chore chart. Several of his chores are required daily, because if you live in this house you will contribute to its smooth running. A few of the chores are "optional" and if done properly  will result in a media buck for Josiah. One of the chores is special and is worth 25 cents a day, if available and done completely.

Excuse  my nighttime cell phone pics! 
A media buck gives Josiah 30 minutes of media time. That can mean Disney Jr. on my laptop or the Power Rangers on Netflix. His choice {within the rules of our home}. If he saves them all, he can have a media feast on the weekend. Music doesn't count as media in our home, it's always available, as are books, etc. 

He can also earn media bucks via his behavioral chart.

So far, so good! I like that we're able to use them as a reward & it teaches him to use what he has wisely {like money}, while also limiting his media time. When our family has movie nights and such, obviously he's included - free of charge! :)

{side note, but with Ella, we're "paying" her with star stickers, which add up to a toy from the $1 Michael's bins for her extra chores. I wasn't sure how to reward a 3 year old!}

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  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I think you Guys are a blessing to him..keep up the good work! It will pay're doing God's good Will!