Saturday, February 23, 2013

And then we were sick

We've spent the last week and half in sick land. It started with Josiah and a high fever. He rarely acts sick, so I knew it was going to be a battle when he popped up with a 104 fever {Ella is my fever maker, I expect those numbers from her!}. The next day I had a full day long event at the church with the youth girls and by midway I was ready to curl up in a blankie and go to bed. The day after I was certain we had strep throat. I'd never in my life had such a bad sore throat and literally slept all day, in between telling Jason I was certain I was going to die of Strep like George Washington {he died of something sore throat related, yes?}, but then Josiah began telling me that George Washington actually died because he swallowed one of his wooden teeth. So, there you have it. 

Josiah and I were both diagnosed and I hope I never get that again, b/c it was worse then having wisdom teeth removed. Within the next day or two Jason and Ella got sick too, but with bronchitis, no strep. 

So our week involved a whole lot of nothingness and TV. Josiah missed so much school. Ella missed dance, but the thing she cried the most at was not getting to see her favorite friend, little Stephen. ;)

I late night facebooked asking what others did at home to sooth a sore throat and tried a lot of different things! The most interesting response I got? Eat marshmallows. Google it! 

The bigger bummer is we are trying so hard to stay on budget {we're doing a FPU class} and the week brought 4 dr visits and 7 prescriptions. We don't have employee sponsored insurance, so we took a hit with that. AND we ate fast food. There was no cooking going on. Or cleaning. Just suckerpunching by sickness {and a lil fort building}! Ain't nobody got time for that!! 

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