Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be Mine ღ

I usually spend Valentine's Day doing a candlelight dinner with the kiddo's and I really enjoy that. But this year Jason and I had the opportunity to go out and I really looked forward to it!! The church I have my moms group out was offering a Parents Night Out for 5 bucks a kids {for over 3 hours!!}; and they were feeding them! I think it was more a ministry to us than it was a fundraiser for them - so thankful for them! 

So, we planned on getting Chinese take out and having a picnic on the beach. {We're fulling living up to our debit free living goal. Financial Peace University is an amazing class!!} Then, several days before vday Jason was having a lunch/ministry meeting with a gentlemen from church and when they were leaving he handed my hubs a large bill and told him to "take his wife out on Valentine's day". So incredibly blessed are we!! We tucked that bill away and got excited! 

We ended up going out for steak and then I talked my husband into going to get pedicures. He agreed to the "full spa" treatment, even thought I'm pretty sure he had no clue what that meant. BUT it was so nice. And guess what? He'll go again. :)

This is what Josiah gave to his teacher; the mason jar was full of tea. 

 This is what he passed out to his school mates. I wanted something that didn't involve candy and he wanted a sign that said "If you were a booger, I'd pick you". Sigh. We compromised with rubber bouncy balls from party city. A girlfriend and I shared the cost of the little bags and I cut the tags from paper I already had with my cricut. The ribbon I already had too. So total cost, about .40 a kid.

Ella only gave one Valentine and it was to her little bud Stephen. She wanted to pick out this huge card with a million hearts on it, but we settled on a tub of bubbles and a card that said "you blow me away valentine". She spent a day painting doilies. I have found that using an ice cube tray to put  paint in helps her keep it separated. 

 While she was doing that I thought I'd try a little project. I dug through her drawers and found an old plain shirt. I put a doily on it and painted over it. I was sure that under the shirt would show smears of pink paint, but when I pulled the doily off I got a cute heart. Pretty sweet for a free, 3 minute craft. I used acrylic paint, so it will wash well.

We cut out some felt hearts and hung them on branches I had put up in January for our "mantel". I love the way it looks and will be sad to take them down.

For v-day we decided to get the kids board games, because I am so over toys. We've been doing a lot of family game nights, so we thought they would like a new game. Jason surprised all of us by bringing candy home for Josiah, a rose for Ella, and chocolate covered strawberries and a book I've wanted for me {TOTALLY my love language!!}. 

I hope you enjoyed celebrating the season of LOVE!! 
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