Sunday, February 24, 2013

the bitter sweetness of it all ...

Drew spent his senior year as caption of his bball team. It was a good season, lots of fun. We actually sent the kids to Nana's for most of the games so we could sit and really focus on Drew. 

The final game of the season, down by one with 6 seconds left, the ball comes in. Goes to Drew with about 2 seconds on the clock and he .... {hint: SCORES TO WIN THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP!}

This moment was one of those amazing moments of life. His team picked him up and carried him out. I might have cried a little. Amazing, amazing memories. 

They lost during CIF and with that ended his HS career as a Condor. It truly was bittersweet. As sad as that loss was, we are more excited to see what his future holds. 

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