Monday, March 04, 2013

Life, via Instagram

Our camera *may* have broke. I say may b/c my prayer is that it's just a setting and someone smarter than I can figure it out. Everything is so beyond blurry that I can't make a thing out. Anyway, all that to say all I've been using is our phones.

Here's Josiah at his very first Pinewood Derby. Him and his Ampa worked hard to make his car. I took lot's of lovely photos on Jason's phone, but then ... his phone got stolen. From the church office. While he left the room to get the guy some bus money. SO, those photos are gone. But Josiah's car did win one race and the look on his face was priceless! 

Ella & Stephen at Sky High. Watching them bounce = so funny! You might catch Josiah in the background! {and why yes, that is a Cinderella dress my girl insisted she wear}.

It's very rare either of my kids want a character shot. So when they ask, we do! 

"Oh WAIT! She might touch me!!"
Toy story is our fav! 
Someday she'll say "It's not that my standards are too high; it's just that my daddy set an amazing example for how a man should treat me."

Ella wants to be in the kitchen. Always. I should tell you how wonderful this time is with her, teaching her things she will need to know as she grows into a woman. But I'll be honest and say sometimes I just want to cook. To just cook and be done with it. Like maybe dinner every now and then. For real! She is really teaching me about removing myself and taking the time to remember WHY I do what I do. And God is giving me patience. And one day {probably sooner than later}, this little girl will be able to make our family meals. 

Here's the finished product of her above work. Little homemaker! 
Elli's birthday party. This guy there made awesome princess balloons. He rocked.

Elli and Ella riding around the yard. So fun!
He asked me to take this photo. Usually I have to beg. I guess a fire engine changes things. 

Our Tiger den toured our local fire station. It was really pretty cool.

Josiah played bball with our parks and rec. He had a lot of fun, but I think soccer is still his thing.

I found this picture of me and Mom recently. I grew up camping & dirt bike riding. We had an RV and I was a proud owner of a little quad. ;) I also went shooting with my Dad a lot. A little history for ya!

We have been big on game time lately! 

Josiah finally getting his soccer trophy. We had some team mom issues this year, so their end of season party was way delayed. But I don't think the kids noticed and they had some Chuck E Cheese and trophy fun. Next year Jason is so not coaching. Remind him of that. 
During winter break Josiah spent some time at Nana & Ampa's & we took Ella to see Wreak It Ralph. It was her first time at the movies {other than as a newborn}. She LOVED it! Josiah is not big on going to the movies.

We always tease and say these two are getting married. They LOVE each other! Ella and "her Stephen".

So, there's life via social media. ;) Jason is now tweeting {twittering?} ... at @jasongarber80 {on both Twitter and Instagram if you're interested!}
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