Monday, April 29, 2013

New Mexico to Memphis.

We left New Mexico and drove to Texas. Ella wanted us to buy her a pink horse and Josiah was terrified of cowboys. We ate at the Big TexanSteak Ranch because that just seems like it’s what you ought to do when in Amarillo. It was fun and these old country crooners came to our table and sang ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ which was my favorite song as a little girl. 

 While we were there a guy ate a 72 oz. steak. Crazy!! After dinner we hit the road again …

Next was Oklahoma City. Before we got to our hotel we stopped at a truck stop. It was rather late at night {those time changes weren’t helping things} and we had already changed the kids to their jammies.

Josiah {with his freckles and footed jammies} and I are standing next to the cappuccino machine while the clerk rinses it {AMEN for cappuccinos’ in Oklahoma!}. The lady glances at Siah, and in an incredibly strong southern accent states “Want me to teach you how to do this? I could put you to work”. He stares at her and then responds, FULLY MATCHING her thick southern accent “Ma’am! I ain’t gunna work at a place like this for my whole life”. {My mind was going like this: OH MY! That was so rude. BUT so funny. And does she know he doesn’t have an accent?} She looks over at him and says “Yeah, there are other things you can do with your life. What do you want to be when you grow up?” He replies, accent still intact “Well, I just aint figured that out yet”  … then he turned and walked over to his Daddy. I smiled and thanked her for my coffee.

At least his standards are set high.

From Oklahoma we drove to Tennessee. Every time we crossed a new state border we hooped and hollered and acted like it was the greatest thing in the world. Ella had been so excited to go to Tennessee and was so disappointed when we got there and she discovered we hadn’t been saying under-the-sea. Like where Ariel lives.

The biggest surprise for me is that we were having a lot of fun in the car. And we were seeing lots of cool things. When it got dark the kids got to watch a movie and Jason and I listened to audio books. I expected car time to be hard {and don't get me wrong, it had it's moments}, but overall it went REALLY well.

We woke up on day 5 in Memphis & went to Elvis’ Graceland. Jason grew up on Elvis and really wanted to go. The house itself was very cool and interesting.  The area around was a tad on the crazy level. It was all Elvis obsession to the extreme. I am not sure that Elvis would want things like they are. And his family? I am not sure why they allow it

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  1. We just watched an episode of Man vs Food where they were at The Big TexanSteak Ranch - so funny you guys went there.

    Graceland is on my Bucket list!

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