Monday, April 08, 2013

The almost non-existent Easter.

I thought I should post my “Easter pictures” now, smack in the middle of vacation blogging, before I completely bypass them and leave them out of our 2013 blog book {my only source of family scrap-booking}!

Since we didn't return from our vacation until about 30 hours prior to Easter morning, I didn't have time to prepare a thing. Jason did all of the shopping on his own. We got home in the middle of the night, and when the kids woke up the next morning afternoon they both had fevers. Did you catch that Jason did all of the shopping on his own? Amazing! {not that he was capable of doing it, but that I handed a complete holiday over to my husband!}

Fevers and all, they were up for egg dying. I had them use mixers to color dip, it worked well.

Those fevers continued until Sunday morning, so we stayed home in our jammies. Once Jason got home from work he hid some eggs out back & brought out the baskets he created. Very Easter “official”, lol! We did buy a pie from Pollys Pies. It was what our family needed {the day off, not the pie!}, and the kids didn't really seem to mind.

Since they didn't get to wear their snazzy Easter outfits we held them over until the following week. I snapped a few photos because they just looked so cute. 
This kid could wear flip flops every single day of his life, if I'd let him. 

Loving her pig tails! 

I am honestly not sure if I missed Easter this year. We did dig into our bibles and that's what it's really about anyway. I will tell you what I did miss - Paula Deen's strawberry salad. ;)

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