Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

This year I think I've realized that Mother's Day will always have a sort of stigma for me. It's just a hard day. 

Personally, I look around and I am blessed! I have miracles making me Mother's Day cards and an awesome Mom who I can call 8 times a day for advice if I wanted to. I have a MIL who raised my amazing hubs & loves on my kids and I even have a step-mom who looks after my dad and always welcomes us into her home. And I want to celebrate all that. 

But this year I had friends whose husbands tragically died, leaving them to parent alone; I had friends whose Mothers died {cancer, tragic car accident}; I had friends who lost {more} babies to stillbirth. And I know for them, or for anyone who is dealing with loss {of a child or mom} or is struggling through infertility that it is just a hard day period. There are those of you who will tell me that those people should rejoice with those who rejoice. But that doesn't make the day any less sucky. 

I don't think Mother's Day HAS to be this way. I think we can honor while not excluding and rejoice without pointing out those who haven't "earned" their right to "stand" on MD {I use "earned" in quotes as it's someone else's word, and while grossly misplaced I believe it is the way many see it}. So, today I've just had a burden on my heart. I've thought about my sweet girls and I've thought about Josiah's birthmom, but more I've thought about my friends who just want to wake up and have this day be over. Justified or not. 

And now I'll end my MD rant and show you my sweet ones ...


making my princess a princess

Ariel and a fire breathing dragon. 

I got a few sweet gifts from the kids, including a mom trophy! How awesome is this, lol!

tulips from my brothers girlfriend. 

My momma made me this pillow. How cool is that? 
My love bugs! 

I LOVE, love being a mom. Usually by 6 pm I look TORE UP and feel like I need to stick my head in the sand so I can't see what is going on around me. I'm probably tired and hungry {like my kids, ha!}. That's our tough hour around here: you know, where the dog is barking at the mail man and you discover you're missing one ingredient for your half cooked dinner and your living room is covered in legos that you've stepped on 7 times and your kiddo's still aren't cleaning up even though you've asked {yelled} 23 times already, and you're husband is going to be home anytime. Or is all that just me?

But FOR REAL, this IS what I was made to do. Being a mother is our most important mission field. I feel beyond blessed at what God has given me and am so thankful for so many sweet moments throughout each day. I swear daily something will happen and I'll wonder how incredible it is that I get to be mom to these amazing little souls.

Now, if I could just have Mary Poppins stop by on week nights between 5:30 and 6:30. ;)

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  1. I so appreciate your opening comments. We lost our son to stillbirth just over a year ago and my mom passed away only a few months later (this was my first mother's day w/o her). I struggled with guilt just before MD thinking why can't I just be thankful for the abundance of blessings I have received - including our living son. God quickly calmed my heart and asked me to just see my grieving as He does... Grief and joy are so intimately intertwined, as is so often the case with our Heavenly Father. Have you ever felt weird celebrating Easter?... the son of God died on a cross - yet He came back to life. It is something worth grieving yet it entails the greatest gift of joy we will ever know. I hope we never stop celebrating Mother's - even if it makes me sad. Thanks for acknowledging those who are so deeply grieving.