Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1st grade. DONE.

I have never been more glad to see a school year end. We were just done, ready, peace out peoples. We had some teacher issues this year and we had to get all Mama Bear and Papa Bear on some folks, so we were ready. 

Josiah was voted student of the month for May {by his peers} - May's character trait was "problem solving". He had to give a little speech and he it was so adorable.

That same day his cub scout pack was doing the flag ceremony for the call to order assembly {which they always do} - and his class was leading the school in a few songs. Josiah told us he was leading the Star Spangled Banner himself, but by that I thought he meant he was just saying the "Ready, Begin" part, but he actually sang the whole thing in the mic. On my word, it was one of life's best moments. He put in some serious enthusiasm.  

Several weeks prior to the end of the year, Josiah asked us if he could do the science fair. After much begging, reality checks, and compromising, we decided on What Makes Pop Rocks Pop? Only being a 1st grader means that Dad & Mom had to help, A LOT. But, I did my very best to leave his mistakes as is and not correct anything everything. I have to share a FB status from the night before the fair: Josiah did tell me that because I helped him with his project that we were going to win and become famous and "they" will send us to NYC and we'll become the new judges for Dancing With The Stars. So ... I have that to look forward to.
The day of the actual fair we showed up very surprised to find out that his project had been picked to go to district fair. It was on a Saturday and an excited little Josiah was ready! The district science fair was CRAZY {granted, I'd never been to any kind of science fair prior to this year} - it was huge! Josiah had to stand by his display alone and explain this project to judges. He did great. And everything about this event was right up his ally! 

I love this little face!! 

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  1. I too am glad school it out! Can't beleive he is off to 2nd grade.