Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dance & Daddies

Yesterday was Ella's dance recital {2nd actual, 1st with our dance academy; hopefully the 1st of many}This year was obviously very different than last year and we were feeling so good in our choice of studio. The professionalism was awesome, the little girls were taken care of so well, and it was an awesome show! 

We spent a day at dress rehearsal and it so reminded me of my days. I spent hours after school in dress rehearsals for weeks. We'd hang out in our leotards, eat fatty food, do homework, talk about boys and wait for our stage calls. I told Jason he remembers high school by the football field, I remember it by dress rehearsals. I am so thankful Jesus gave my girl a love of dance. And love it she does {and for the record, if she ever doesn't she'll be free to do what she wants ;) }

Our company has 4 shows over the weekend, and most of the little people were in the Sat morning show, which is a shorter show. It also included dances from the performing companies, and that was awesome to see!

{Ella is in there 2x, but REALLY quick. So don't blink, ha!}

Last year, I was surprised to see the curtain open and my girl smile and shake it and enjoy herself. She loves the stage. This year was much "bigger" so I talked to her a lot about what to expect and she just kept telling me "I'm not nervous Mama, I x-cited!".

This is her class. How stinking adorable are those fish headbands!? They danced to "Under the Sea" Ella looks so un-thrilled in this photo - I am so glad we didn't purchase it! ha! Her individual shot is adorable tho {we don't have the prints yet}.

Here's our dancing girl after the show.

Today is Father's Day and we took our boys to John's Incredible Pizza {which seemed like an odd choice, even to me; but was actually a pretty cool day}. This is the only photo I took and Ella was done by this point. 

Our daddy is pretty awesome, as is our Ampa. We're a pretty blessed bunch. 

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