Friday, June 07, 2013

Summer, summer, summer time!

{In my head I typed the post title in tune to some 90’s Will Smith}

I get so excited about summer! But it also wears me out quickly, so we really need to plan ‘round here.

This year Josiah wanted to make sure we did our bucket list. We’re still working on it! {photo is of our 2011 list}.

I like to schedule our "home" days out, even though we don’t follow it to a T. {super helpful with a special needs child!}. This was last years schedule. 

And I like “themed” days, because it’s just fun.  Very excited about water days this year because Ella is much more comfortable with the ocean now {bout 10 minutes away} and we have 2 close friends within walking distance who have pools this year.

photo via pinterest. 

Last year my kids played with shaving cream a lot. That sounds lame, but I’d fill one same pool with shaving cream & one with water and they played forever. 

We really want to try this! How fun!

 And of course, there are all the free summer things

My favorite part? Eating dinner in the yard. :) 

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