Thursday, May 30, 2013

What May brought.

May has been a busy month for us! Lots of fun, but also lots of tiredness. I'm ready for summer and for things to slow down. {In other words, I'm lazy!} ;)

Drew went to prom. 


He's all grown up folks. Below are some photos of his handsome self & date. 

And just for kicks, here's a photo of Jason and I at my senior prom. Oh, young and in love. 

I had myself at little girls night out a few weeks back and went to see Chris Tomlin. It was pretty much amazing! 

Josiah got his Tiger badge and some face paint. 

He hated the face paint and promptly washed it off after.

Daddy pinning his Tiger badge on.

 And this was actually way back in April. Drew's senior basketball banquet. What memories he's made.

Here is my hubster building me a trellis several weeks back. We are trying square foot gardening this year, so I can grow more. Right now we have 2 tomato plants, 3 marigold squares, 4 cucumber plants, red onions, 8 heads of butter lettuce, Swiss chard, red bell peppers, carrots, cantaloupe, 1 pumpkin, strawberries, and radishes. All in that little space. And I have 1 more 4X4 box I need to start filing. Jason's been calling my garden area "my other baby" :P

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  1. Oh Drew...that boy is a heartbreaker isn't he?